Succeed in your digital transformation projects thanks to change management

At Napta, we are aware of the challenges involved in making a new tool available to your entire workforce. This is why we support you in the management of the change within your company thanks to a proven method!

For the management of assignment and skills at Kaora Partners, we chose Napta, a simple and collaborative solution, which places our employees at the center of the planning issues and offers a real support.

Sébastien Calvez
Co-founder and partner

We are fully involved in the deployment of Napta

Shared expertise is part of our DNA. With more than 100 deployments under our belt, we are able to help you and save you time in implementing Napta in your company.

We help you to communicate internally before the arrival of Napta

Change management begins as soon as your digital transformation project is validated. Napta's teams will help you set up a complete communication plan to inform your teams of the upcoming changes.

We adapt our solution to your processes, not the other way around

Integrating a new tool does not mean turning your entire internal operation upside down. That's why we adapt Napta to your processes and give you the opportunity to improve them by sharing our advice and best practices with you.

We listen to the feedback and needs of our users

Involving your teams also means making them responsible. Our teams propose to a panel of users to test Napta before its total deployment. These users are invested with a mission that is essential to the success of the project and become its ambassadors.

We focus on training and onboarding of your teams

A successful deployment is one that results in real use. That's why at Napta we make it a point of honor to train your teams by proving the value of our solution, while ensuring a quick and smooth start.

We stay by your side and never go far away

Post-deployment follow-up is essential to guarantee the sustainability of the project. This is why Napta provides you with teams dedicated to monitoring the use of our solution over time, available for as long as you wish.

So, ready to get started?

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